About the Park City Fire District

Protecting the public and the environment in Summit County

525The Park City Fire Service District (PCFSD) is located approximately 30 miles due east of metropolitan Salt Lake City, Utah, in the western portion of Summit County and can best be characterized as a residential/suburban ski resort community surrounded by wildland interfaces. The area is nestled in the grand setting of the Wasatch Mountains and is rapidly growing, partly due to its three world-class ski areas and the Utah Olympic Park with its ski jumping and bobsled-luge-skeleton track facilities. Currently, the community consists of 32,000 year-round residents and draws 4 million annual over-night visitors, mostly in the winter and summer months. Additional day visitors frequent the area from the Salt Lake Valley area. Many visitors come from around the United States, as well as from around the world. Also, the status of some of our visitors, such as actors, celebrities, prominent government officials, and business leaders, is sometimes of a higher profile.

The PCFSD serves an area of 110 square miles consisting of residential, commercial, and wildland zones. The area has seen, and continues to experience, significant growth in the past few years and is home to approximately 83% of the population of Summit County’s 1,880 square miles and encompasses greater than $13 billion (86%) of the taxable value of the County. The PCFSD employs 78 full-time and 3 part-time firefighter/EMTs; typically 12-15 winter seasonal EMTs (to assist in the numerous ski injury ambulance transports); and 11 administrative personnel. It also employs and manages a paid-call ambulance transport service of 21 personnel for a neighboring 500 square-mile rural community.

Mid-sized department with big-sized capabilities

2010 trench rescueAlthough the PCFSD may be considered a mid-sized fire department (26 daily staffed firefighter positions), it provides a greater number of services than many larger fire departments. Indeed, it provides many urban-type services in a semi-rural/suburban setting. In addition to the typical fire suppression, rescue, and fire prevention services provided to the community from its six staffed stations and one administrative facility, the PCFSD provides paramedic rescue services, EMT-Intermediate ambulance transport services, community EMS and CPR education and training, CERT instruction, and child safety and injury prevention programs. Wildland fire suppression and prevention is also a major concern and focus of the PCFSD because of its significant and growing wildland urban interface. In 2005, the PCFSD took the lead with neighboring fire departments of the “Wasatch Back” (a two-county region just east of the Salt Lake Valley) to develop a hazardous materials technical response team, which provides critical service not only to the Wasatch Back but also to larger regions of the State. Other key services provided by the PCFSD include backcountry and technical rescue, and ice emergencies rescue.

Olympic sized preparations

pcfd-home-imageDuring the 2002 Winter Olympic Games hosted by Salt Lake City, the PCFSD had the unique privilege to prepare and provide services to the 2 million people that attended the three competition venues and one non-competition venue in Park City. This required years of dedicated planning and preparation leading up to the event and the management of significant additional resources during that time, including a three-fold increase in staffing.

Progressive and unparalleled

Because of these many and varied services, the PCFSD has gained the distinction of being one of the most progressive emergency services departments in Utah, with unparalleled service delivery.