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The National Fire Prevention Association has made their codes and standards available for viewing without cost.  Open this post to learn more about the NFPA’s web site for free read-only access to codes and standards documents.

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Notice of Proposed Fee Increases

The Administrative Control Board of the Park City Fire Service District (the District) intends to increase fees provided by the District for fire inspections and standby events. A summary of proposed fee increases is available for inspection at or during business hours at the District’s administrative office.

The District will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at 6:30 p.m, at the District’s administrative office located at 736 West Bitner Road, Park City, Utah  84098, for the purpose of hearing comments regarding the proposed increase in fees and to explain the reasons for the proposed increases.

To obtain more information regarding the fee increases, citizens may contact the Park City Fire Service District at (435)940-2532.

2014 – 4 IV-H-101 Administrative and Operational Service Fees (R 04-03-13) – Proposed – Update I.pdf

2013 Annual Report

Executive Summary
Annual Report Cover - 2013


Click here for full report: 2013 PCFD Annual Report

While 2012 was recognized as one of the more dangerous fire years in memory, 2013 was the year the dangers were

realized. The lightening caused August Rockport fire made 2013 the highest dollar loss fire in Summit County history.
Although the monetary loss was high no lives were lost and no significant injuries were reported. The outcome is a
testament to the effectiveness of the Park City Fire District (PCFD) and our neighbors South and North Summit Fire
Districts. The Utah State Forrester also became an integral part of the firefighting efforts in both the PCFD and the
greater Summit County area.
2013 saw an increase in our resident chipping program. Homeowners can make appointments at to have
their dead fall turned into mulch which we will haul away or leave for the homeowner’s use. The PCFD chipping
program will be extended for 2 weeks in the 2014 calendar year to allow even more to take advantage of this fuels
mitigation program.
The last twelve months saw greater efficiencies in PCFD buildings with inefficient lighting systems being replaced by
more modern lighting options with a four year return on investment. Due to the myriad of terrains and conditions our
firefighters encounter, we are always evaluating what means we should employ to respond to emergencies. Two
motorcycles were put into service in June to help our Firefighters/Paramedics more quickly respond to crowded special
events and trail emergencies (PCFD covers more than 400 miles of trails). In addition a tracked ranger off-road vehicle
replaced our snowmobiles. Where our snowmobiles were limited to snow response our track driven Ranger can
respond on mud, snow, dirt, asphalt, and just about any other type of terrain.
In October PCFD began managing the South Summit Ambulance service. While PCFD has managed ambulance service in
North Summit for years the addition of South Summit Ambulance is new for us. With PCFD managing all of Summit
County’s ambulance service greater efficiencies and service will be realized.
PCFD Chief Officers renewed a two year old strategic plan in the last three months of the year. Needs to be met during
our implementation phase of this strategic plan include: annual firefighter task performance based testing, a firefighter
wellness program, continued emphasis on community involvement,
Park City and the surrounding area continue to receive local and national accolades as a wonderful place to live and visit.
The Park City Fire District remains committed to making this not only one of the best places to live but also one of the
Visit our website to stay current with the Park City Fire District.
Please be safe!

Paul Hewitt
Fire Chief
Park City Fire Service District

The mission of the Park City Fire Service District is to enhance the quality of life for those we serve;
safeguard the environment and economic base of our communities; make a positive difference; and provide
excellence in service.

Thanksgiving at the firehouse

Local firefighter discloses cooking secrets

Alan Maguire, The Park Record
Posted:   11/29/2013 03:42:15 PM MST

Tom Fabian of the PCFD prepares his green beans 
and tarragon for those celebrating 
Thanksgiving at the firehouse near Pinebrook. 
(Alan Maguire/Park Record)


While many Americans are able to take off from work to spend Thanksgiving with their friends and families, there are many others who cannot. Those in the service and retail industries often must work on Thanksgiving. So too must those workers who respond to emergencies, like policemen and firefighters.

The firefighters in the Park City Fire District (PCFD) are no exception. “They’re fun,” said Sean Briley of the PCFD. “There are some guys that actually like to work here on Thanksgiving,” he added.

Briley was off this Thanksgiving and said “the single guys will trade shifts with the guys who have families.” For those with family nearby that have to work, the families often convene at the fire stations and celebrate there.

Tom Fabian, who has been with the PCFD for 13 years, was the head chef at Fire Station 25 near Pinebrook this Thanksgiving. He cooked for 13 people this year (including family that came to the station) – up from the nine people he cooked for at another fire house last year.

Strategy is key for Fabian. Since firefighters on duty at the station can be called out to an emergency at any time, he tries to get as many dishes done early as possible. Luckily, when there are friends and family at the station, someone is around to tend to the turkey if the firefighters have to run out. That’s not usually the case.

“We’ve eaten our fair share of dry, overcooked meat,” Fabian said. “I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve put on a nice filet or something on the grill and we have to run away. You shut the grill off, you know it still continues to cook and you’re gone an hour. Filets aren’t really meant to be cooked an hour.”

“Last year I did a prime rib,” Fabian said, before sharing his fool-proof technique: Coat with salt and pepper, garlic, and Spade L Ranch-type seasoning; sear on all sides; cook at 500 degrees for 15 minutes, then 350 degrees for 3 to 4 hours.

“This year I’m not cooking a turkey, I’m just doing sides,” he said.

“I often take my sides off the Internet and then turn them into mine by putting some different spices in them.” He added, somewhat sheepishly, “this year I’m using some Martha Stewart innovations.””I’m cooking up a whipped sweet potatoes with caramelized apple on top and I’m also doing a green beans with a caramelized onion and fresh tarragon,” he said.

“Sweet potatoes are good, they’re just kind of drab by themselves so with the caramelized apple… pretty good,” Fabian said. “And then I’m going to kick it up a notch with some cayenne pepper. And then the green beans, I’ll make that my own by putting in some Sriracha and tarragon. So I don’t follow the recipes per se, but I just get a good general idea from it.”

Briley and Fabian both noted that at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the local firefighter’s association provides grocery gift cards to the firefighters that have to work those days.

“A misconception is that the public buys us our dinners,” Fabian explained, “but the reality is we pay for our own dinners every day on shift and Thanksgiving is kind of a special occasion.

Jeff Pauline, EMT, checks in on the Pinebrook Station 35's Thanksgiving turkey. 
(Alan Maguire/Park Record)

Thank you Squatters and Wasatch!

2013-09-20 08.54.40The Park City Fire District would like to thank Squatters and Wasatch Brewing Company for their generous donation.  We just wanted to give a special thanks to all the participants of the Squatters & Wasatch 6th Annual Golf Tournament. The day was filled with great food, drinks, prizes, and memories that we are happy that we got to share with you. The day would not have been a success without all of you; from the pro golfers to the novices, the beer babes to the serving staff, and those who worked behind the scenes at Squatters Roadhouse and Wasatch Brew Pub – all of your efforts contributed to a fantastic day! We raised $3,000 for the Park City Fire District, and had a grand time doing so!2013-09-20 13.51.17





Community Wildfire Preparedness Fair

Saturday, September 28
10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Park City Fire District Station 33
736 Bitner Rd. Park City

Learn about:

  • Creating Defensible Space
  • Wildfire Preparedness 101
  • What to have in your Emergency Bugg-Out Kit

View the flier

Park City Elks Club Awards First Responders


 The Park City Elks Club handed out awards to local First Responders at its annual barbecue Saturday afternoon. The plaques were handed out even while firefighters and police were keeping an eye on the embers of the Rockport 5 fire.

PCFD Chief Paul Hewitt, left, with Zane Thompson, 
recognized for exemplary work within the fire department.