New Request for Qualifications Available

Park City Fire Service District is currently accepting sealed proposals from qualified firms for the following project:

  • Fleet Services Building – Request For Qualifications from Architects

For qualifications and complete requirements, please download the Request for Qualifications on the RFP page at

Wood chipping in 2016

The Park City Fire District is now accepting requests for the Wood Chipping/Fuel Mitigation service in 2016.  Click here for more information about the program.

Click here to request a chipping appointment.

Feel free to email us with any questions:  Thank you in advance for your efforts to make Park City and the Snyderville Basin a safer and more beautiful place to live and work.

2015 Annual Report is Now Available

The 2015 Annual Report is now available.

Park City Fire District Installs 32.76KW Solar System

Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Dollars At WorkThis summer Park City Fire District completed the installation of a 32.76-kilowatt rooftop solar project, split between our Administration building and our Logistics building. Annually, our new solar system will produce enough electricity to power 4 average Utah homes and will also reduce our carbon emissions by 30.3 metric tons.

Funding support from Blue Sky customers helped cover 60% of the project costs. PCFD provided the remainder of necessary funds. To view the real-time generation data and to learn more about solar power, click on the Blue Sky logo.

Evacuation Guides for Residents and Businesses

Open this post to read the full article and download attachments.

These are plans of actions to be taken in the case of an emergency that requires you to evacuate or shelter in place. There are separate plans for residents and for businesses.

Firework safety

Open this post to read important information about using fireworks safely.  Please note that the Park City Council has passed an ordinance this year that will prohibit the use of fireworks within the Park City limits between June 25, 2015 – October 31, 2015.

Fireworks-Safety Tips

Wood chipping

Now accepting chipping requests!

The PCFD Wood Chipping/Fuel Mitigation program is now accepting requests, and we will begin chipping on June 1, 2015. Click here for more information and to submit your request. Feel free to email us with any questions:

Thank you in advance for your efforts to make Park City and the Snyderville Basin a safer and more beautiful place to live and work.

Radon Testing and Awareness

Health Risks of Radon

Radon comes from the natural (radioactive) breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and gets into the air you breathe. Radon enters buildings through openings in the foundation floor or walls (sump openings, crawlspaces, floor/wall joints, cracks, etc.). Radon can become trapped in buildings, and thus, lead to elevated and harmful radon levels. Exposure to long-term, elevated radon levels can increase your risk of lung cancer. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and results in approximately 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

Radon Testing Kits

Protect your family by testing for radon in your home and help Summit County Health Department track high areas of radon in our community. Summit County Health Department is offering radon test kits for you to sample the air where you live. The cost for each kit is $10.00 and this includes lab analysis.

Radon test kits are available at the Park City Health Department office at 650 Round Valley Drive in Park City, at Quinn’s Junction.

More Information