Firefighter Recruit Academy 2011

On October 3, 2011, the latest group of seven Park City Fire District firefighter trainees began Recruit Academy 2011. The ten-week intensive training course will features Firefighter I and Firefighter II certification, Live Fire certification, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations certification, and PCFD Medical Protocol training. A typical day for these young men begins at 0630 hours with “PT,” afterwards returning back to Station 36 for clean up and vehicle inspections. One to two hours are spent in the classroom reviewing Firefighting Essentials, 5th Edition, which is a comprehensive training guide for new firefighters. Each afternoon focus is placed on the practical application of the morning’s classroom lesson. Then they return to Station 36 for cleanup and equipment rehab with the day ending around 1730 hours.

“PT” consists of strenuous physical activities, including running the 120-meter jump stairs at the Utah Olympic Park and various trails around the area. Each recruit also does 250 sit-ups and push-ups each day to improve his personal fitness level. Team building, self discipline, integrity, trust, and honor are emphasized during all aspects of the Recruit Academy. We also use regional facilities to enhance the training experience and broaden the perspective of the recruits. On October 25-27, we used the Unified Fire Authority Training Facility in Magna for interior structure firefighting and large vehicle firefighting.

PCFD Recruit Academy 2011 is slated for graduation on December 8, 2011. We look forward to long and prosperous careers for each of these fine young firefighters.