Keep fire hydrants clear – for fire safety!

Keeping Your Fire Hydrants Clear

Help Us Protect Your Community this Winter

As anyone who’s lived in Park City for more than one winter can tell you, our winters vary in intensity, and some years we get absolutely buried. However, either way, one thing is for sure in our vibrant mountain community—we’re going to get snow, and most years, we’re going to get a lot more of it than just about anywhere else.

Winter brings a variety of obstacles for firefighters, including icy streets and steps, frozen hose lines, freezing temperatures, and fire hydrants hidden beneath the snow. The last thing anyone wants in an emergency is for his or her firefighters to have to dig to find the hydrants; wasting valuable time they need to be spending fighting the actual fire.

This hydrant is not ready to be used.

When the snow comes to Park City, we ask residents to do what they can to keep the hydrants in their communities clear—doing your part can help save a home or business in our tight-knit community.

When clearing your hydrants remember to:

  • Remove all snow and ice from the hydrant, ensuring it is clearly visible and completely accessible
  • Clear at least 3-feet of snow all the way around the hydrant, giving firefighters full access to all parts of the hydrant
  • Clear a path from the hydrant to the street, allowing firefighters to get in and out easily and quickly

Keep hydrants dug out 3-feet all around the hydrant.

Thank you for helping us to keep our community safe. A few minutes of your time can make all the difference if an emergency should occur.