Electric Motorcycles added to PCFD Fleet

Park City Fire District’s Back Country Rescue Program:

What is “Backcountry Rescue?” Backcountry rescue is an essential service that PCFD provides to both its citizens and visitors. With over 400 miles of single track, an additional several hundred miles of unimproved roadways, and thousands of acres of ski resort and undeveloped property, our fire district presents a wide array of areas that could present a setting for a backcountry rescue.

Backcountry rescue responses present a variety of unique challenges different to calls that are more conventional for first responders. The backcountry does not afford us the luxury of roads and addresses. Extremes in temperature and weather, lack of daylight, steep and uneven terrain, and other environmental hazards also present challenges that first responders must be prepared to encounter. In order to execute an effective rescue PCFD has specialized apparatus, equipment, and navigation tools specific to the backcountry setting.

PCFD Backcountry Fleet:

Motos 35, 36, 37, 38 – Honda CRF 250L/ Zero FX 3.6 Allows for rapid single resource response to the scene to provide initial patient care, confirm location, and advise and guide crews for best access. They can access most single-track trails w/ some limitations based on slope, terrain, and operator experience.

Recently added to the Back Country fleet are 2 fully electric FX E-Bikes motorcycles. These bikes are housed at Stations 38 and 36, they range 48 miles city/ 28 miles highway, Charger input 110v, charge time 4.5 hours, and top speed 70 mph

Increasing access to sustainable mobility is high priority for Park City Fire District.  Efforts have been made to improve and limit our carbon footprint by upgrading infrastructure and introducing alternative energy sources such as solar panels installed on our fire stations.  A switch to electric motorcycles can avoid air pollution, noise disturbances, and positive impact public health.  Electric motorcycles are also an economically attractive option.  With zero direct emissions, electric motorcycles help bring us closer to limiting the impact on climate change.

Back Country 31, Can Am with seating for six in the cab, Bed mount wheeled stoke litter, Full complement of backcountry medical and rescue equipment, also equipped with front mounted bike rack to transport patients bike if necessary. 

Back Country 34 Polaris Ranger Side-by-side, 2 seat UTV with attendant seat in bed, mounted wheeled stokes litter, full complement of backcountry medical equipment and equipped with rack to transport patients bike if necessary.

Back country 33 “T-Rex” Polaris Ranger Crew XP 900.  All seasons response – tracks, heated and enclosed cab during winter months, mounted wheeled stokes litter, can accommodate up to 4 crew members plus patient.  Also equipped with a chain saw, small pump and water tank for wildland applications. 

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