Open Burn Season in Summit County

Safety and Compliance: Obtain Your Open Burn Permit Today

As spring comes to Park City and our surrounding community it’s important that we begin to clean our property, create firewise landscapes, and remove excess materials. Materials such as clippings, branches, or plants can be chipped through our chipping program. However, sometimes materials need to be burned to be safely removed from your property.

Open Burn Permit, Utah, Park City
Be safe when burning.

Open burning is legal in our area, but is strictly regulated. Open burning is defined as any flame exposed to the environment where pollutants produced from the fire are emitted directly into the surrounding air. Open burning can be a source of air pollution, which the Division of Air Quality controls. Regulation of open burning helps to minimize emissions, keep our air clean, and maintain the public health. To burn materials in our area, you must obtain a permit from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The DEQ website provides ample information on the regulations for open burning in your area. Here, you can find permit criteria and parameters, read about the general requirements, and obtain a permit application. The convenient online application process ensures that you are attempting to burn in an open burn window period while checking the clearing index to ensure the burn does not interfere with the nationally regulated index.

This spring, as always, we encourage you to clear your property of unsafe materials. We also encourage you to be sure you are burning legally and, of course, safely. Visit the DEQ website before you burn, and stay safe Park City!