Wildfire Prevention and Safety

Tips for Preventing Wildfires in Summit County

Summer in the Wasatch is a special time. While Park City may be known for its world-class ski resorts and pristine powder, the summer brings warm breezes, endless sunshine, miles of accessible single track, and, of course, camping out in the mountains.

As we head into the backcountry with our barbecues in tow, firewood at the ready for a warm fire after a day of outdoor play, we need to remind ourselves of the necessity for fire safety—the fact is, as many as 90% of wildfires in the US are caused by human beings. This startling number underscores the importance of being aware and safe with open fires in and around natural settings. Let’s work together to keep Summit County free of wildfires.

Wildfire Prevention Tips

With over 700 million acres of forests in the US, there is an endless spectrum of nature to explore. Of course, there is also a major opportunity for a small spark or flame to start a very big and very dangerous fire.

Preventing wildfires in and around Park City begins with a firewise landscape. Make sure your home is as safe as possible, as fires can start and spread quickly from the home to the wilderness and vice versa.

When you head out for a weekend camp session remember:

  • As Smoky Bear says, only you can prevent wildfires. Prevention starts with being attentive and aware.
  • Always use caution when starting a campfire. Be sure your fire pit is completely secure and safe.
  • Ensure someone in your party is always watching your fire—one spark can start a massive fire.
  • When cooking with a gas grill, be sure it’s always being watched and is turned off completely when not in use.
  • When cooking with a charcoal grill, be sure the coals are completely extinguished before you go to bed or leave camp.
  • Make sure your campfire is completely out before you leave it. We recommend you bring a few gallons of extra water to douse your coals before leaving the site or going to bed.
  • Do not throw cigarettes, matches, or other objects from your car window or in the bushes at camp.
  • Bring a small fire extinguisher with you. If a small fire breaks out, safely putting it out before it is able to spread could prevent a major fire event.

As always, have fun playing in this amazing alpine setting, and be safe!