Park City firefighters team of 7 take 2nd American Lung Association Fight for Air tower race

Determined to take their 1st place title once again on February 24, Park City’s team of 7 members joined with other Utah fire fighters for a great cause – to help raise money to help the Ame


rican Lung Association in their “Fight for Air Climb
This title was not won again by this Park City team, but taking 2nd was a great accomplishment, too.  All firemen were dressed in full gear, including masks feeding air through them.  “It was awful, worst experience ever, and doesn’t get any better the next year!  Breathing through the air-fed mask is a chore in itself,” Firemen stated with emphasis on the “awful”!” campaign!  The Tower at Well’s Fargo Building was the site once again for the run up 24 flights of stairs for more than one hundred fire fighters from Utah.


Wells Fargo Building downtown Salt Lake City was the site of the competition.  Park City’s Fireman Erick Hockridge took 2nd overall.

These man and women carry about 60 pounds of gear, as well.  They train for months ahead, and still it is grueling and “tough on the toughest!”  With 598 stairs ahead of them in the Wells Fargo Building, the 7 am start was buzzing with firemen manning their gear for the race to begin.


Wells Fargo Building downtown Salt Lake City was the site of the competition for the 8th year.

Erick Hockridge took 2nd overall and PCFD took 2nd in team with 7 men Sponsored by the American Lung Association in Utah, hundreds of stair climbers — including several teams of firefighters from around the valley sporting 60 pounds of gear — participated in the seventh-annual Fight for Air Climb. Racers climbed 598 stairs in the Wells Fargo Building on Saturday in Salt Lake City –  Raising over $70,000 is their goal this year!

By: Cheryl Ovard SCN Editor