2012 Annual Report

The 2012 Annual Report is now available to download.

Executive Summary:

From 2008-2011, Summit County averaged about 51 wildfires annually. In 2012,2012 was one of the most dangerous fire seasons in memory. Low accumulated
snowfall in 2011, followed by continued low precipitation in 2012, combined to give

Summit County had a total of 112 wildfires. In addition to a larger number of
events, these wildfires began much earlier than in a normal fire year. Typically, we
see 4-5 wildfires before the official start of the fire year on June 1st. Last year, Summit
County experienced a total of 30 wildfires before June 1st.
Our Administrative Control Board approved the funding of a new wildland fire engine program. This fire engine crew
staffed with trained wildland firefighters assists in fighting wild fires in and outside of Utah. The program has already
earned back the original investment and continues to give much needed experience to some of our firefighters in
handling our own wildland/urban interface issues.
Visit our website at www.pcfd.org to learn how to make you and your family safer from the dangers of potential wild
fires. We have posted information on creating defensible space around your home, evacuation preparation and
guidelines, and an emergency preparedness guide.
In 2012 the Park City Fire District replaced the old “Burns” fire station with a new and efficient fire station at Kimball
Junction. This station gives our residents a total of seven staffed fire stations insuring our ISO (Insurance Services Office)
rating of two in the incorporated areas of our district and three in the unincorporated portion. These excellent ISO
ratings mean significant savings to homeowners in their fire insurance premiums. More importantly, our strategically
located stations within our 110 square mile district mean residents get quick response to life and property threatening
Please visit our website to stay current with the Park City Fire District. We hope you enjoy living, visiting and playing
here as much as we love working here.
Be safe!

Paul Hewitt
Park City Fire Service District