PCFD/Airmed Hot Load Program

Park City fire District began a hot load program, 2 years ago, with Airmed. The goal of the program is to reduce scene times for critical patients. In the past, PCFD crews have waited on scene of Airmed to arrive, sometimes delaying patient transport to a Trauma One center. PCFD has four designated landing zones along with the route PCFD ambulances travel to a Trauma One center. PCFD crews will dispatch Airmed to land at one of the predesignated landing zones ahead of them and perform a hot load with Airmed. A hotload is where the helicopter pilot keeps the aircraft running and ready to lift off immediately after the patient is placed. Average on scene times have gone down from 20 minutes to 6 minutes due to this program. Thank you @uofuairmed for working with us on this program.

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