2013 Annual Report

Executive Summary
Annual Report Cover - 2013


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While 2012 was recognized as one of the more dangerous fire years in memory, 2013 was the year the dangers were

realized. The lightening caused August Rockport fire made 2013 the highest dollar loss fire in Summit County history.
Although the monetary loss was high no lives were lost and no significant injuries were reported. The outcome is a
testament to the effectiveness of the Park City Fire District (PCFD) and our neighbors South and North Summit Fire
Districts. The Utah State Forrester also became an integral part of the firefighting efforts in both the PCFD and the
greater Summit County area.
2013 saw an increase in our resident chipping program. Homeowners can make appointments at www.pcfd.org to have
their dead fall turned into mulch which we will haul away or leave for the homeowner’s use. The PCFD chipping
program will be extended for 2 weeks in the 2014 calendar year to allow even more to take advantage of this fuels
mitigation program.
The last twelve months saw greater efficiencies in PCFD buildings with inefficient lighting systems being replaced by
more modern lighting options with a four year return on investment. Due to the myriad of terrains and conditions our
firefighters encounter, we are always evaluating what means we should employ to respond to emergencies. Two
motorcycles were put into service in June to help our Firefighters/Paramedics more quickly respond to crowded special
events and trail emergencies (PCFD covers more than 400 miles of trails). In addition a tracked ranger off-road vehicle
replaced our snowmobiles. Where our snowmobiles were limited to snow response our track driven Ranger can
respond on mud, snow, dirt, asphalt, and just about any other type of terrain.
In October PCFD began managing the South Summit Ambulance service. While PCFD has managed ambulance service in
North Summit for years the addition of South Summit Ambulance is new for us. With PCFD managing all of Summit
County’s ambulance service greater efficiencies and service will be realized.
PCFD Chief Officers renewed a two year old strategic plan in the last three months of the year. Needs to be met during
our implementation phase of this strategic plan include: annual firefighter task performance based testing, a firefighter
wellness program, continued emphasis on community involvement,
Park City and the surrounding area continue to receive local and national accolades as a wonderful place to live and visit.
The Park City Fire District remains committed to making this not only one of the best places to live but also one of the
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Please be safe!

Paul Hewitt
Fire Chief
Park City Fire Service District

The mission of the Park City Fire Service District is to enhance the quality of life for those we serve;
safeguard the environment and economic base of our communities; make a positive difference; and provide
excellence in service.