Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a cornerstone of the Park City Fire District’s services. We have gained the distinction of being one of the most progressive emergency medical service agencies in Utah. Every firefighter in the district is trained, at a minimum as an EMT to ensure that whoever gets to a medical emergency first, can immediately administer Basic Life Support. This care provides a variety of noninvasive emergency procedures performed to assist in the immediate survival of a patient, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use of an AED, hemorrhage control, stabilization of fractures, spinal immobilization, and basic first aid.

As well, our department includes advanced EMTs and paramedics who, along with our firefighters are always on call and respond immediately to any emergency situation. Our advanced EMTs and paramedics can provide advanced airway management, administer IVs and medication and are experts in cardiac, stroke, and shock management. Together, this team offers our residents the very best in medical response.

Along with our team, the PCFD has state-of-the-art equipment to handle any emergency—from car accidents to major injuries, we are prepared to respond quickly and appropriately. Our ambulances are strategically placed around Park City for quick response, and if and when necessary, our air ambulances are always on call for backcountry rescue or transporting individuals to Salt Lake City for emergency care.

Summit County EMS

The PCFD also oversees the management and operation of Summit County EMS which includes two neighboring ambulance transport services utilizing 50 local EMTs from the North Summit (Coalville, Henefer, Wanship) and South Summit (Kamas, Oakley, Peoa, Francis, and Woodland) and surrounding areas.

The Park City Fire District began providing full-time emergency medical response and extrication services in 1984. In the beginning, the District relied on a paid-call ambulance service operated by Holy Cross Hospital. In 1996, in order to provide a more efficient and effective service, the District partnered with Summit County to provide ambulance transportation. This partnership began with two full-time staffed ambulances.

In 1997 the Park City Fire District enhanced their medical services by becoming a licensed Paramedic Rescue Service, providing additional Advanced Life Support (ALS) care. Original staffing included four cross-trained firefighter/paramedics located on two fire engines within the community. Today we have seven paramedics on-duty each day staffing four ALS ambulance.

Beyond service delivery specification set by the State of Utah, (e.g. response times, staffing, minimum training, and fees for service) the PCFD remains committed to consistently improve their EMS service delivery. A Quality Assurance Program was developed to monitor compliance to Standard Operation Guidelines and Patient Treatment Protocols. This program is facilitated by our EMS Battalion Chief and our off-line Medical Control Physician and reviewed on a monthly basis, providing a constant measure of quality.

Guiding Principles of Summit County Ambulance Billing Program


The system of providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Summit County is focused on delivering world-class patient care: regardless of anyone’s ability to pay for such service. All patients will be treated professionally, courteously, and with compassion. No one will be denied county ambulance service on ability to pay or lack of health insurance. When our residents or guests need emergency assistance they should call 911 without hesitation.

The mission of the Summit County EMS (which includes the PCFD, North Summit Ambulance (NSA), and South Summit Ambulance (SSA)) is to provide our residents and visitors the best emergency medical services possible. Our core values are Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Empathy.

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