The mission of the Park City Fire Service District is to enhance the quality of life for those we serve, safeguard the environmental and economic base of our community, make a positive difference, and provide excellence in service. The cornerstone to this mission is Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Park City Fire District has earned the distinction of being one of the most progressive emergency medical service providers in the State of Utah. Each firefighter, at a minimum, is trained at the Advanced EMT level to ensure advanced life support measures are administered without delay. This advanced life support care includes immediate recognition of cardiac arrest and early high-quality CPR with an emphasis on chest compressions and integrated post-cardiac arrest care. Our professional Advanced EMTs and Paramedics are trained and qualified to administer medication, perform injections, and conduct airway procedures prior to the arrival of the patient at an advanced care facility. This training and expertise also extends to all emergency medical situations to provide Park City residents the very best medical response.

Along with this team of professionals, the Park City Fire District is an all-hazard response department and have state-of-the-art equipment to respond quickly and appropriately to all types of emergencies. Emergency vehicle apparatus including ambulances are strategically stationed throughout Park City for rapid response. Air ambulances and other life-saving resources are available in the Park City area to assist with emergency care.

EMS Division

Park City Fire District began providing full-time emergency response and extrication services in 1984.  Park City Fire District worked closely with a paid-call ambulance service operated through Holy Cross Hospital.  In 1996, the Park City Fire District contracted with Summit County to provide ambulance services to the residents of Park City with two full-time staffed ambulances.  A year later, the Park City Fire District enhanced their medical services by endorsing a licensed Paramedic Rescue Service, providing additional Advanced Life Support (ALS) care.  Today, there are 7 staffed paramedics on duty 24 hours a day.

Park City Fire District has extended their Emergency Medical Services to the North and South Summit communities through a management contract with Summit County.  One ambulance with 2 full-time EMTs serves the Coalville, Henefer, and Wanship areas with an additional ambulance with 2 full-time EMTs covering the Kamas, Oakley, Peoa, Francis, and Woodland areas.

The system of providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Summit County is focused on delivering world-class patient care: regardless of anyone’s ability to pay for such service. All patients will be treated professionally, courteously, and with compassion. No one will be denied ambulance service on ability to pay or lack of health insurance. When our residents or guests need emergency assistance they should call 911 without hesitation.


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