The Park City Fire Department is always happy to hear from our local residents. Whether you have a special request or a specific inquiry, we’re here to help. Of course, if you have an emergency, please call 911.

PCFD Contact List

Schedule a Fire Inspection435-940-2500
Community Education435-940-2500
Schedule a CPR or First Aid Class435-940-2512
Fire Prevention Office435-940-2520
Fire Marshal Mike Owens435-940-2520
Fire Inspector Matt Dyer435-940-2521
Fire Inspector Johnny Cocca435-940-2523

Ambulance Billing 435-940-2511
Request Records 435-940-2511
Human Resources Department 435-940-2513
Finance Department 435-940-2505
Technical Services Officer 435-940-2506
Information Technology Department 435-940-2515

Fire Chief Bob Zanetti 435-940-2501
Deputy Chief Pete Emery 435-940-2502
Administrative Battalion Chief Ashley Lewis 435-940-2503
Training Officer Battalion Chief Max Dosher 435-940-2504
Fire Marshall Mike Owens 435-940-2520
On-duty Battalion Chief 435-940-2510

Station 31 435-940-2531
Station 33 435-940-2533
Station 34 435-940-2534
Station 35 435-940-2535
Station 36 435-940-2536
Station 37 435-940-2537
Station 38 435-940-2538

PCFD Contact Form

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