The Park City Fire District is governed by five administrative board members who oversee the appointments of high-level positions within the District. The Fire Chief along with administrative staff support the District.

The divisions within the District are: Operations, Fire Prevention, and Administration. Together this team works every day to train for emergencies, communicate with our community, and prevent fires in the Park City Area.


The operations team is prepared for any and all potential emergencies in the Park City area. From active residential or wild fires to hazardous materials spills to trench and backcountry rescues, our team is constantly training for and responding to emergencies in the are.

Our operations team includes: firefighters, EMTs, and fire training. The services this team offers include: fire suppression & investigation, emergency medical services (EMS / ambulance), special rescue, hazmat, local emergency planning, and first aid/CPR courses.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is of the utmost concern for any fire department, and the Park City Fire District is no different. We work with our community to ensure that we are building safe structures, have fire suppression systems in place, and are mitigating any and all potential fire dangers.

Our fire prevention team includes: fire inspections (permits, business inspections, nightly rental inspections), fuel mitigation (wood chipping), public information (community services/special events), and fire prevention in general (education/preparedness).


As with any functioning department, the Park City Fire District needs the proper structure in place to run the day-to-day operations, train our talented emergency responders, and keep the lights on.

Our administration team includes: human resources, finance, the records office, and the administrative control board.