Living in the Wasatch is a unique privilege. From summer to winter and back again, we have hundreds of miles of trails to bike and run, thousands of acres of wild land and backcountry to hike and ski, and endless opportunities to play and mingle. Ours is a community replete with opportunity.

However living in this beautiful place comes with unique responsibilities—both for our emergency responders and our residents. Wild and residential fires are a yearly concern, earthquakes are a very real possibility, backcountry and ice rescues occur yearly, and health emergencies happen daily. From fire safety education to natural disaster preparedness to CPR training—knowing what to do in any potential emergency and being prepared for a disaster are necessary for the safety of your family and our town.

Fire Safety and Education Services

CPR/AED and First Aid Classes

Learning CPR and first aid can literally save a life. Many of our residents are active in the outdoors, where the beauty of the Wasatch comes alive and where preparedness for accidents or emergencies is vital. The Park City Fire District offers classes each month.  Learn more and sign up today.

Health and Safety Information Library

The Park City Fire District works with the local community on a consistent basis to ensure that our residents are prepared for emergency situations and educated on fire prevention techniques. Our library is updated monthly with new articles on preparedness and prevention. Check back often and stay informed.

Community Education Programs

The Park City Fire District loves to interact with and educate our community. Whether you're a school teacher and would like to schedule a fire station tour or a local business and would like to request and event, reach out to us today.