Fire suppression is everything it takes to put out an active fire. Whether the fire is residential or a wildfire, whether it requires fire extinguishers or an extensive response effort, the PCFD is always prepared to suppress fires in Park City or the surrounding areas.

Our firefighters go through a rigorous vetting and training process because our standards are high and we only hire the best. With the myriad challenges of protecting this beautiful and diverse landscape, we can only expect that our firefighters meet the highest standards.

From our arrival at a fire, we determine the situation—where the fire is located, whether the home is vacant or occupied, and we go straight to work. Our priorities are three—life safety is always first, conservation of property second, and stabilizing the overall incident third. Once the fire is out we begin investigations to ensure such a fire can be prevented to the fullest extent possible. Whether that fire was caused by humans or the natural environment, we believe that learning from fire incidents and informing the public how to prevent them in the future is of the utmost importance.

Fire Suppression Gallery