Fire Prevention Restriction Ordinance

Fire Prevention Restrictions

Due to the extremely dry conditions and potential fire hazards, ordinances have been put in place restricting the use of fireworks, open fires and certain ammunition.

Within Summit County the use of following items are strictly prohibited.

Use of these items may result in fines and possible jail time.

Any and all class “C” fireworks. These include:

  • Firecracker, cannon cracker, salute, cherry bomb or other similar explosive.
  • Bottle rocket, skyrocket or any other device that that uses combustible or explosive material.
  • Roman candle or other device that discharges balls of fire.
  • Tube or cone aerial fi rework that propels comets, shells, salutes, flash shells, or similar devices.
  • Chaser, whistler or similar device.

All open fires. A fire must be in a receptacle or structure specifically designed to contain the fire and prevent its spread.

The firing of the following ammunition is strongly discouraged: steel jacketed bullets, incendiary bullets, and tracer bullets. At this time 20 wildfires across the state of Utah were started by the use of these types of ammunition.

In addition, smoking materials are to be used within the confines of a vehicle within any urban wildland interface area and all waste from the ignition or smoking of said products be disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner.
Violations of this ordinance are deemed a class B misdemeanor and can result in fines and potential jail time.

Summit County ordinances allow for the cost recovery of any expenses associated with the extinguishing of a fire caused by the negligent use of fireworks, fires, and /or the improper extinguishment of cigarettes or other smoking materials.

For more information please call or visit
Park City Fire District at 435-940-2532 or
Summit County Public Works at 435-336-3978 or or
Summit County Fire Warden at 435-336-3982

Park City Fire District; North Summit Fire Department; Summit County; Summit Country Sherriff, Utah DNR, South Summit Fire District