Firework Safety

Fireworks Safety Tips for Park City

Before the ink on the Declaration of Independence was even dry, John Adams envisioned the celebration of the birth of our new nation. To put it simply, Adams’ eyes were a-twinkle with a sky on fire. The event, thought Adams, would be one commemorated with great “pomp and circumstance”, including fireworks of all kinds and colors, streaming across the great new American landscape.

The first fireworks, much to Adams’ liking, were set off on July 4, 1777, to the cheers of an adoring crowd. Today, 240 years later, the grand tradition continues, and it has spread to many a summer celebration.

The PCFD is happy to support the many shindigs across Park City. We provide safety inspections and incident support to our community for the biggest fireworks shows in town. But, alas, we can’t be at every BBQ before it kicks off and, unfortunately, fireworks do create a hazard to our wildlands and ourselves.

So before you spark up a few approved Class “C” fireworks, be sure to know a few things. First, know the fire danger in and around our area and whether personal fireworks are permitted. Be sure to visit our website for updates on local restrictions as fire conditions change and the 4th nears. Second, be sure you know what is legal and not legal in the State of Utah, visit the State Fire Marshal website for fireworks information. Third, always have a fire extinguisher when using any open fire source, up to and including fireworks. Finally, while your community-favorite ribs are marinating, take a few minutes to look at the informative info-graphic below.

While celebrating our communities, large and small, with a few legal fireworks (and some delicious grilled treats) is vital to a summer well spent, being safe and preventing fires should always be our priority—that way, we can enjoy this beautiful landscape for many more years to come.

Happy summer, stay safe Park City!

To learn more about fireworks safety tips, prohibited fireworks, and restrictions in Utah, visit the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Fireworks-Safety Tips