Summer Water Safety

water safety
Swim safely this summer and enjoy the outdoors!

Swim Safe in Park City

Living in and around Park City, we have ample opportunities to throw on our bathing suits and dive into some cool water for a light-hearted summer day. From high-mountain lakes to our swimming pools and rivers, with high temperatures comes the need to take a dip. However as with everything we do, we need to be aware of proper safety practices. Water, with all of its pleasures, can of course be quite dangerous.

From monitoring your children at the pool to wearing your PFD on your SUP at the Jordanelle Reservoir, water safety may seem obvious, but taking the time to remind yourself of how to stay safe, and keep your children safe on the water, is paramount. Read our tips on water safety in and around Park City and, as always, stay safe and have fun!

General Water Safety Rules and Practices

  • Prioritize water safety
  • Swim in designated swimming areas
  • Swim with a friend
  • Sign your kids up for swim lessons at a young age
  • Never leave a child unattended near or in water, be sure you know who’s watching the kids and always assign this task to a responsible adult
  • Teach children to always ask for access to water
  • Anytime children are in or around rivers or other natural bodies of water, have them wearing U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFDs (personal floatation devices)
  • Establish rules and boundaries when around a new body of water and always inspect for unforeseen obstacles or dangers
  • Remember, natural bodies of water change, don’t rely on a recent experience, check water temperatures, tides, and river currents
  • Never get in a boat, of any kind, without everyone wearing a PFD that fits snugly and properly
  • Check PFDs for fit, when you lift a child by the shoulders of the jacket the jacket should not come above the ears
  • In the backcountry, know where the flood plains are and stay clear of them
  • On the river, remember, if you fall out float down river, feet first, always wearing your PFD

Pools and Hot Tub Safety

  • Never allow children unsupervised access to the water
  • Install and use barriers around your home pool or hot tub including safety covers and alarms
  • Ensure barriers are at least 4-feet high with self-closing gates
  • Remove structures that allow access to the pool or hot tub including ladders, furniture, etc.
  • Keep pool toys properly stored
  • Always designate an adult supervisor for pools and hot tubs, never assume someone is in charge of this task
  • Know what to do in an emergency, if ever in doubt call 911 immediately
  • Take a CPR class and know how to sustain a life when EMTs are on their way

Knowing how to be safe in and around water is a necessary skill, and it ensures we all have a great time all summer long.