Tent and Temporary Structures Permit

When setting up a large, temporary tent for a wedding, party, or other event in Summit County, you will need to get a permit from the Park City Fire District. We will work with you to review your plan including type of tent, size, and where the tent will be installed. Please fill out the form below to begin the process of procuring a permit for your tent.

Is your project inside the city limits of Park City? Please visit ParkCity.org to get a permit.

Tent and Temporary Structures Permit Steps

Step 1 – Submit Online Application & Pay Fees:
Please fill out online form below and pay fees. Fees must be paid before your plan review can begin.

Step 2 – Submit Plans:
Submit plans either through the online form or email them to fireprev@pcfd.org. Plans can also be delivered to the Administration & Fire Prevention Office.

Step 3 – Plan Review & Project Clearance Letter:
After steps 1 and 2 are completed, the PCFD will conduct a plan review and issue a project clearance letter.

Questions? Please call (435) 940-2532


Tent and Temporary Structures Permit Application

  • A permit constitutes permission to maintain, store, use or handle materials, or to conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property, or to install equipment used in connection with such activities. Such permission shall not be construed as authority to violate, cancel or set aside any of the provisions of the code. Such permit shall not take the place of any license required by law.

    Fees: Fees will be accessed when your permit is issued.

  • Venue Information

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    • Applicant Information

    • Conditions for Approval

      1. Provide exit signage and directional marking to all required exits.
      2. Provide emergency lighting throughout structure.
      3. Provide a 2A:10B:C portable fire extinguishers throughout structure.
      4. Exit doors must swing in the direction of egress.
      5. Provide signage that indicates smoking is prohibited in or around a structure.
      6. No combustible waste may be stored on the floor or within 30 feet of the structure.
    • Revocation of Permits

    • The Park City Fire Service District is authorized to suspend or revoke a permit when:

      1. The permit has been used by a person other than the person to whom the permit was issued.
      2. The permit has been used for a location other than that for which it was issued.
      3. Any of the conditions or limitations set forth in the permit have been violated.
      4. The applicant failed, refused or neglected to comply with orders or notices duly served in accordance with the provisions of this code within the time provided therein.
      5. There has been a false statement or misrepresentation as to a material fact in the application or plans on which the permit or application was based.
      6. The permit was issued in error or in violation of an ordinance, regulation or the code.

      Plan Review & Inspection Fees: Plan Review & Inspection fee: $75.00

    • Plans can also be emailed directly to fireprev@pcfd.org, or submitted in-person at the Administration & Prevention Office.

      Fee: $75.00

    • $0.00