8 New AEDs at our Parks and Trailheads

Park City Fire District was instrumental in placing new AEDs at our local parks and trailheads. Thank you to Basin Recreation and the award of Summit County’s Recreation, Arts & Parks Grant (RAP) that helped fund the addition of the new AEDs. Basin Recreation was awarded $12,000 from the RAP grant to purchase additional AEDs, and the Park City Fire District donated additional funds to make it possible.

New AEDs are located at the restrooms in the following locations:

  • Trailside Park
  • Willow Creek Park
  • Matt Knoop Memorial Park
  • Spring Creek Trailhead
  • The Wood’s Trailhead
  • East Canyon Creek Trailhead (once construction is complete)

To learn about how to use an AED, please watch our video, AED 101.