PCFD Paramedics Participate In A National Difficult Airway Course

During the last few days, All Park City Fire District Paramedics have been participating in a National Difficult Airway 16 hour Certification Course.

During this course the paramedics have trained in:

Increased mastery of high risk airway scenarios.

Studying the anatomically and physiologically difficult airway.

Learned simple, effective airway algorithms for a reproducible approach to any emergency airway.

Understanding the challenges associated with managing pediatric airways.

Participated in hands-on sessions exclusively focusing on difficult and failed airways, emphasizing rescue strategies and devices.

Faced the most challenging patient scenarios including elevated ICP, pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, status asthmaticus foreign body in the airway, direct airway trauma, multiple system trauma with shock, and many more.

Thank you to the instructors for coming to a park City and teaching this course. Nick Zuber, Cory Cox, Alex Rogerson, and Nick Volz


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