PCFD QI Program

PCFD Firefighters and EMTs from Station 35 and Station 33 had the opportunity to meet with Karie Haws RN with the University of Utah hospital for a case review.  The crews reviewed a call from time of dispatch through hospital care.  Consistent evaluation of organizational and operational efficiency is an essential component in ensuring that our EMS providers are operating at peak efficiency. PCFD routinely reviews every significant Medical and Trauma call our EMS crews respond to.

Health care is a constantly evolving and dynamic field. New discoveries and technologies regularly emerge. To assure that patients receive the best care, it is imperative to routinely re-evaluate standards of care and identify our strengths and weaknesses in meeting those standards.

We appreciate our working relationship with our area hospitals and the collaborative efforts that can improve the process and outcomes of patient care.  We would like thank Karie for coming to Park City today to meet with our crews for this review. 

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