Wood Chipping Season 2017

Reduce Fuels Around Your Home and Prevent Fires

In Park City, we benefit from four full seasons of beauty and change. From summer to fall to winter to spring, we enjoy the difference in weather and opportunity. However, with changing seasons come fallen leaves and branches, which become deadfall by spring. This excess material building up around our homes and trees can present a very real fire danger and put our community at risk. Essentially, this material is kindling waiting for a spark.

For this reason the PCFD runs a wood-chipping program for local residents. We ask our residents to collect deadfall, limb up trees, and pile the materials at their curbsides. After filling out a simple online form, we collect the materials, chip them down, and dispose of them. With these few simple steps, we help ensure our community is mitigating the risk of fires and keeping their homes and families safe.

How Wood Chipping Works

  • Wood chipping applications are available every spring and throughout the summer, Monday-Saturday.
  • Because of the popularity of the program, specific dates are not able to be adhered to, however we will pick up the material as soon as possible, usually in fewer than 10 days.
  • For large communities or HOAs, we can schedule a specific day to pick up materials and chip them all in the same day.
  • The PCFD picks up materials left at the curbside; collecting dead and fallen wood is the responsibility of the homeowner or HOA.
  • Pick up is free in most cases (depending on pile size) for the first trip and $100 each additional trip.
  • Diameter of materials cannot exceed 6 inches.
  • Mulch from chipped materials can be picked up outside of the PCFD administration office.
  • Please note: only natural materials will be picked up, no garbage or other non-natural materials will be chipped.

In 2017 the wood-chipping season will run From May 1st to August 31st. Applications are being accepted now and chipping will begin on May 15. The final day of application requests will be August 17, 2017.

To fill out the online application, visit our Wood Chipping page.