Welcoming Six New Firefighters to PCFD

Six recruits will be graduating this Friday, June 30th to start their career as Park City Firefighters.

To become a firefighter in Park City, applicants must first meet several qualifications and then go through a thorough testing process that includes a written exam, physical ability tests, and an interview with the Fire Chief. Very few applicants make it to this point. It is a highly competitive process and the written exam and the physical tests alone take several people out of the running.

Once selected for recruit camp, a nine-week intensive training program begins. The program involves rigorous morning workouts, followed by intense fire-ground training. This process tests the recruits strength, endurance, mental-resolve and commitment.

We are proud to welcome these recruits as the newest members of the Park City Fire District:

  • Kody Anderson
  • Shaun Brigdon
  • Sam Croft
  • Michael Dean
  • Colin Hamel
  • Erica Owens
2017 Recruit Training