PCFD Fights 2 Structure Fires in 3 Hours

PCFD Firefighters were dispatched to two significant fires with in a 3 hour period of time 3.7.23:

Crews were dispatched at 6:41 am to 6321 Star View Drive for a Structure Fire of a Single family home.

Fire Crews Arrived quickly to find Smoke coming from the garage. The Home was evacuated at the time of arrival.

There was difficult access to the garage. Once Firefighters made access, the firefighters found the contents in the garage on fire. Firefighters were able to contain Fire to the garage.

“Crews arrived quickly and found fire contained to the garage area. Once access was made into the garage, the contents in the garage were on fire. Crews are still working on extension into the attic”. Chief Zanetti

Crews are currently still on scene.

Cause of fire under investigation.

At approximately 9:40 am, Crews were dispatched to 1153 Center Drive, Storm Cycles, for a Commercial structure.

When firefighters arrived, there was visible smoke and flames on the roof of the structure.

Fire was contained to the roof area.

The building suffered heavy water damage to the interior of the structure and the adjacent building.

Both buildings had heavy snow load on the roof.

The Fire is currently under investigation.

“When crews arrived to find fire on the roof, they were able to get quick knock down. Overhaul is being completed”. Chief Zanetti.

There were no injuries at either fire.

Loss stop at 11:25 am for both fires.

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