Roof Avalanches

Roof Avalanches are big slabs of snow sliding off of steep roofs. Recent snowfall with high water content leads to heavy snow piles on top of buildings. When the sun comes out and temperatures warm up, those piles start to slide. As snow continues to pile up throughout Utah, the Utah Avalanche Center has issued a warning to mountain community residents to watch out for roof avalanches.

“With so much snow on rooftops in mountain communities, roof avalanches will be significant hazard with more snow, warmer temperatures, and the potential for heavy rain. Both adults and children have been killed by roof avalanches,” said the Utah Avalanche Center

“Snow removal is a dangerous activity that should only be done by qualified individuals following safety protocols to minimize risks,” said FEMA. “If at any time there is concern that snow loads may cause a collapse of the roof structure, cease all removal activity and evacuate the building.”

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